how to Avoid holiday weight gain ?

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Blank erika 3 post(s)

could you give me some tips or tricks to avoid gaining weight because I’m leaving on vacation soon ! Help !!

Blank philippe Administrator 457 post(s)

Hello Erika,

here you’ll find my Holiday Diet Tips … I used and found helpful :

1. start your holidays with a holiday diet plan. Because you will be tempted with delicious foods while on vacation, decide how much you’ll allow yourself to eat.

2. moderate your alcohol intake and but keep in mind that the calories will add up. Try to alternate between alcoholic beverages and diet soft drinks, or mineral water.

3. don’t be too strict, or you’ll be setting yourself up for failure. Holidays are when you should allow some relaxation from your normal diet routine.

4. choose healthy meals. Eat the foods you like but try to choose healthier versions and lighter portions if the menu permits.

5. don’t be too hard on yourself. So what if you slip up and overeat one day! A diet is only ruined when you have too many days of overeating in a row. Simply accept the slip up and try harder the next time. Just don’t give up and continue making poor eating choices.

6. Eat something satisfying before you go out to a restaurant. When you know you’re going to a restaurant, enjoy a low calorie snack before you leave.

7. Pack some low calorie snacks when you go on vacation like a small 100 calorie granola bar will take the edge off your appetite and hopefully prevent you from buying a larger treat at a convenience store.

Enjoy your holiday … :-)