that is a question that members often asked : should we do sport to lose weight and how fast?

In short : to lose weight the diet programe is the most important (around 90% of the result), exercise is a complement, but not by saying "Tomorrow I go to sport" that your pounds extra fly.

By simply doing the math, it takes about 10 hours of jogging to lose a pound of fat (this corresponds to about 6000kcal).

However, in general, increasing physical activity, you also increase your feeling of hunger … it’s quite normal. So a person who has never done any sport and would begin to run a half-hour a day without eating more, may be best to lose a kilo in 20 days.Also, as always, by stopping the sessions of jogging, it regains its original weight.

In short, losing weight is first (90%) by a balanced diet, and not rushing into a gym …
That said, do some exercise! A great extra that is not only beneficial to health, but also helps reduce stress and strengthen the body.

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German medicines giant Bayer mentioned Monday it had launched tests into an injectable drug to fight the fat deposits that result in the dreaded "double chin."

Bayer stated in a very statement it was conducting medical trials into ATX-101, an injectable drug "for the reduction of localised fat under the chin (submental extra fat)."

The firm is testing some 720 individuals in 64 centres in Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain and Italy having a view to launching a product in Europe, Asia and South America in 2014.

Jean-Paul Ortonne, a French dermatologist involved in the trials, said: "There is a massive demand for any secure, effective and authorized injectable therapy for localised excess fat reduction."

The assessments are a step towards "a well-studied, clinically-proven therapy to reduce localised submental fat with out surgical treatment," he additional.

Yvonne Moeller, a Bayer spokeswoman, described the process as "something like a tattoo."

Between forty and 70 tiny injections are administered in to the fat cells more than numerous periods, with the amount according to the size from the double chin along with the person, she told AFP.

"You would hope to see obvious outcomes after about 16 weeks," she extra.  
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