that is a question that members often asked : should we do sport to lose weight and how fast?

In short : to lose weight the diet programe is the most important (around 90% of the result), exercise is a complement, but not by saying "Tomorrow I go to sport" that your pounds extra fly.

By simply doing the math, it takes about 10 hours of jogging to lose a pound of fat (this corresponds to about 6000kcal).

However, in general, increasing physical activity, you also increase your feeling of hunger … it’s quite normal. So a person who has never done any sport and would begin to run a half-hour a day without eating more, may be best to lose a kilo in 20 days.Also, as always, by stopping the sessions of jogging, it regains its original weight.

In short, losing weight is first (90%) by a balanced diet, and not rushing into a gym …
That said, do some exercise! A great extra that is not only beneficial to health, but also helps reduce stress and strengthen the body.

Posted by pierre