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Zora: "I took 55 pounds over the first 8 months of pregnancy … with Doxys, I have already lost 40 pounds"

"… I discovered Doxys in June or July 2008 I took 55 pounds over the first 8 months of pregnancy, and I wanted to prepare after pregnancy. Continuing to gain weight, I decided on the last month to limit this uncontrolling increasing of weight and begin to reequilibrate my diet. Doing so, I was taking bak the control and I’m was steady over the last month of pregnancy (while I was 2 pounds per week at this time …). It was easy because the Doxys tools are simple to use and give you all the info you need to manage.

Moreover, we do mistakes thinking to do right with somes foods: we believe to take a balanced diet, and in fact we eat too much fat or sugar, or protein. … In short, I took a subscription after the birthchild, it gives me the opportunity to recover my body weight before pregnancy (150 pounds after delivery and i reach 110 pounds after 3 months).

I am following a 1600 kcal per day diet, I breastfeed my baby, which helps, of course. But without effort, without loss, I could lose the overweight due to the pregnancy. And the most importantly for me at this time: my baby receive all the necessary feeding. I have all the energy to take care of him and I have enough milk to feed him … "

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"This site is truly a monumental help for me to balance my meals throughout the day, even week" in almost three weeks of balancing food and stop smoking, I lost almost 10 pounds. "

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