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Why become a Doxys Pro ?

The food statistics

With Doxys Pro you will get your complete food statistics. In addition to your balanced food sheet, you may view your nutritional food balance and your progress as you move towards your goals. Doxys offers a genuine dashboard enabling you to monitor your diet and your goals.


Lose pounds quickly with Doxys Pro like thousands of other members


A nutrition expert at your service

In the Pro version, our nutrition experts are there to help you achieve your goals, motivate you as well as help you avoid food cravings! Lose weight without the use of pills or "slimming products" by simply learning to eat healthy. Free yourself from diets once and for all!  


Nutrition experts



"For several years I guided patients who wished to lose weight. I developed the Doxys method so that everyone can profit from eating healthily by using a high quality diet that works and is sustainable “

Philippe Reumont Nutrition Expert - Director of Doxys Scientific Committee

Discover tips and tricks from the professionals to enable you to lose weight faster and stay 100% motivated.



Receive daily menus proposal

Lose weight faster through customized menus based on your food balance. Do not waste time composing your own menus. Doxys will prepare 100% balanced and natural daily menus just for you. With these specially designed menus you will not feel tired or hungry. What’s more you can always change the menu according to your desires of the day.

 Doxys dashboard

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Your shopping list

Every week you will receive a shopping list tailored to prepare your meals. Be sure not to forget anything whilst shopping ……. everything for your easy-to follow healthy balanced diet. Your slimming coach

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