The Doxys method in detail

The Doxys method was specially designed to guarantee you a fully sustainable and natural weight loss.

Our committee of dietitian experts have developed a complete and simple 4-point formula to help you lose weight in the best and easiest way possible :

1. The calorie tracker: a tool to control your diet in real time

  • This intelligent tool is a real guide to healthy eating.
  • With it you will learn about what dishes and food selections are convenient for you
  • Eat in order to lose and stabilize your weight quickly and permanently
  • The Calorie Tracker is the tool to control your weight. It is easy to use without need for tedious encoding.
  • Control your balanced food at a glance through the dashboard system
  • Receive daily menus designed personally for you
  • Edit the menus to suit your wishes (interchangeable menus)
  • Recieve your weekly shopping list (useful for the supermarket)
  • Keep a permanent view on the calories consumed
  • Have access to a database with over 10,000 foods and their detailed nutritional values  

Doxys Dashboard


Your Food Dashboard : Watch the demonstration video


2. Nutrition experts: they motivate you as well as answer all your questions

Our dietitians are at your disposal to guide and motivate you. You may contact them to ask any question! Stay motivated, our specialists will be there for you to boost you towards your objectives Ask all your questions and our experts will find a solution for you (based on your balanced food sheet) Learn to understand your bad eating habits thanks to our professional advisers (indispensable for sustained weight loss) Get expert tips for keeping the figure that makes you happy More than 22,000 members have joined Doxys … why not you?


Philippe Reumont Registered Dietetitian"During my years as a nutrition coach I have helped hundreds of people to lose weight. In creating the Doxys method I am offering you the best chances in achieving your ideal weight loss objective. At Doxys I am the dietician as well as the guarantor of the quality of services offered whether it is the menu, the recommendations by the nutrition experts or the feature stories published on our site. All the information shown carefully follows the best practices in dietetics. See you on Doxys!” Philippe Reumont. Nutrition Expert & Director of the Doxys Scientific Committee


3. More than 2000 slimming menus tailored to your needs

Doxys menus are more than simple diet recipes. They are menus that are designed based on your specific food balance. Such menus will guarantee you a balanced diet with no cravings and no health risks, only sustainable weight loss. We customize menus to suit your food balance You may change your slimming menu as you wish to suit your taste Encode your own menus and we will automatically calculate the food and calorie intake  

Doxys shopping list

Your shopping list for the week  



4. Managed by experts, our forums are available to share tips and participate in slimming challenges

Exchange your views with other Doxys members and stay motivated, participate in slimming challenges, discover tips and tricks. Doxys forums are there so you will not be alone during your slimming program! Exchange tips and tricks with people who have already begun to lose weight Participate in slimming challenges and stay motivated through the group effect If you are looking for a sponsor, participate in the classified forums


Doxys Dashboard

 Your diet forums


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