How does Doxys diet work ?

Doxys is a comprehensive method that takes into account all the elements needed in order for one to eat healthily or to lose weight permanently:

• Learning to eat healthy with the calorie tracker, Doxys helps you count calories and avoid the pitfalls in foods.

• Understanding bad habits,
our dietitians are available to answer all your questions, motivate you, guide you and offer you tailored menus.

• Chat on line with our nutrition experts and other Doxys members
to help you stay motivated, participate on internet forums, exchange tips and tricks to help you lose weight more easily.

The goal of Doxys is to free you from diets by allowing you to understand and control your food intake.

Doxys does not sell any type of "slimming packages" or slimming pills.  The method developed by our nutrition experts is solely based on a balanced diet. Therefore no food substitutes are required, it’s 100% natural and what’s best is that you will not feel exhausted!

Easy to follow, the Doxys program allows you to lose weight while maintaining a normal life. You may still frequent a restaurant or an event, on your own or with family ……… no forbidden foods ……… Everything is easy and possible to include into your slimming program.

 Calorie tracker


Doxys diet based on your Energy Needs
Each one of us requires a specific Energy Need – depending on weight, age, physical activity, …

This need (an average 2,000 kcal for women and 2500 kcal for men) is the energy level needed for brain function, muscles, to breathe … in short to live well.

If you consume slightly fewer calories than you actually need, your body will have to get its energy from your fat reserves. And so you will lose weight…

Based on your free balanced slimming diet, Doxys dieticians will offer you the appropriate program, with a slightly lower calorie count that is below your energy requirements. This will be done through the skill of Doxys and it will ensure you weight loss whilst guaranteeing you a healthy balanced diet.

Lose weight quickly! Up to 13 lbs (6 kg) per month and like thousands of clients lose weight by simply learning to eat healthily.

Discover the Doxys diet method in detail.

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