1.By surfing on this website (hereinafter called the "Site"), by downloading files, reading documents, consulting and/or using them in any way whatsoever, you agree to the Terms and Conditions following below, and you agree to abide by them. These Terms and Conditions cancel and supersede all Terms and/or earlier Conditions.  

2.This Site is operated by Doxys Public Limited Liability Company, whose headquarters are located in “Houx Avenue n° 14 at 1170 Brussels” and is listed at the “Banque Carrefour des Entreprises” under number 0890.015.481 (hereinafter called "DOXYS").  

3.This Site may be accessed with recent computers on which current software is installed (browser, operating system, etc.). DOXYS does not guarantee any compatibility and can not, whatsoever, be held responsible if you can not view and/or use all or part of the Site, whatever the reason is.  

4.You agree that it is strictly forbidden, in any manner whatsoever, and regardless of the technical mean or manner, to try to access elements which are not publicly online and/or which are not offered and available under your subscription to the Site. It is also strictly forbidden to modify the Site in any way or manner whatsoever, and this regardless of the technology used.

5.Whatever are the technical means, you agree that you will not engage in any activity that interferes with or disrupts, at any time, the services of the Site in any manner whatsoever. 

6.You acknowledge and accept the following: the concept, content, layout, structure, source codes, programming, pictures, photos, animations, audiovisual work, text, data, music and all other elements of the Site are and remain the exclusive property of DOXYS and are protected by a range of intellectual property rights (including copyright, trademark, the sui generis rights of the database producer, etc..). While surfing the Web, you will never turn out to be the holder of any rights whatsoever.  

7.You agree that total or partial reproduction, distribution, sell or trade, sharing, publication, adaptation and/or use in any manner whatsoever, of this Site and its contents is strictly prohibited. The storage of any information and/or elements of this website in a (electronic) database is not allowed, except for the auto pick up of information by the browser.

8.The non-compliance of the above conditions will result in immediate cessation of any subscription without any possible compensation, and can also lead to possible prosecution.  

9.You agree that if you leave any data, text, pictures and/or any other items online, you automatically give DOXYS, without charge, exclusive permission to reproduce these elements, communicate them and/or use them in any other way, in compliance and with respect to the rules of privacy policy.  

10.Whatever way or technical mean is used for the consultation and utilisation of this Site, it will always be at your own risk. By all means, DOXYS can, in no way, be liable or responsible towards the user and/or third party for any damage suffered by them, of whatever nature (direct, indirect, collateral damage, etc. .), lost profits, loss of data, loss of an opportunity, or any damage whatsoever caused by negligence or omission in the layout, the operation and provision of the Site, which includes all its parts and this, even if DOXYS was advised of the existence of likely problems and/or injuries caused to the user and/or third parties.  

11.DOXYS does as well as one can to ensure that the Site remains available at any time, for a normal average number of users. However, DOXYS retains, at any time, the right to suspend or put an end to all or part of the Site, without prior notice. DOXYS can not be held responsible for any loss or damage of any kind whatsoever, which may have been caused because of an adjournment, interruption, (technical) failure, slow difficult or unreachable access, and/or shutdown of all or part of this Site.

12.DOXYS does as well as one can to ensure that data and documents that are part of the Site are complete, accurate and up to date. Mistakes and/or gaps and/or out of date data can never be excluded and, as a result, DOXYS can not give any guarantee in this respect. DOXYS can not, in any way, be held liable for injury and/or loss of any kind whatsoever, resulting from the use, consultation and/or downloading of any part of this site. DOXYS can also not be held liable for any damage of whatever nature, resulting from decisions that would be taken by the user, decisions which would be taken based on any data and/or any information on this Site.

13.Among other, this Site contains other links to other sites. These sites are not under the control of DOXYS and are neither necessarily recommended nor approved by DOXYS. DOXYS is not going to check whether the content of these sites has been modified. It is therefore up to you to decide for yourself whether you should to visit these sites.

14.DOXYS can neither be held responsible for the content or performance of the external sites to which it is referring, nor for any damaging consequences which could result from the consultation and/or use, in any manner, of such sites, whatsoever. 

15.Although DOXYS does as well as one can to exclude from its Site bugs, viruses, Trojan horses and spyware, it can not be excluded that they still may occur. DOXYS can not be held responsible for any damaging consequences and/or loss which could result from their occurrence. DOXYS strongly advises you to install a firewall, anti-virus software and other protection in order to prevent any damage to your computer. In this respect, if you notice the existence of any of the above on this Site, you are invited to communicate the issue to the webmaster in order to take the necessary steps.  

16.Sending data, such as e-mails, personal data, credit card numbers and other is always done at your own risk. DOXYS does as well as one can in order to ensure that the transmission of such data is well protected. However, DOXYS can not be held responsible for any damage resulting from the loss of certain data and/or the interception of them by any third party. In this respect, DOXYS strongly advises you to install the necessary software and to always be cautious in the use and disclosure of your personal data.  

17.The content and the information of the Site are distributed for a strictly educational and informative purpose. The Site is not dedicated to replace a consultation with a doctor or any other healthcare professional or specialist. Always consult your doctor or any other specialist in case of doubt. DOXYS retains the right to cancel at any time the registration of a member if it is assumed that false information has been provided, or in case of abuse, violations and/or risks (medical or other) for the user. DOXYS can not be held responsible in case of incomplete or forged information provided by the user or in case of misuse of the Site. DOXYS has no obligation to attain the results as to diet monitoring programs that are available on its website. DOXYS does as well as one can in order to provide dietary quality, but can not be held responsible if the results do not satisfy the expectations.  

18.You agree that any trade or business relationships with advertisers on the Site or advertisers reached through the Site, including payments and delivery of goods and services, and all conditions, warranties, orders associated with these transactions, are solely between you and such advertisers. You acknowledge that DOXYS is, in any case, not responsible for losses or for any disfavour resulting from such operations or of the presence of such advertisers on the Site.  

19.To optimize the service provided, each user of the Site may be asked to make available certain personal information. This information may include (non-exhaustive) your weight, height, diet or habits of life ("Non-Identifiable Data"). If you use the services provided on the Site, you expressly signify your agreement on DOXYS for the processing of such data. At no time the user will be asked to provide "identifiable data (name, address,). If you receive a request to transmit by email to DOXYS data such as your address or credit card, we strongly advise you not to consent to this request and we ask you to please report this piece of information to info@doxysdiet.com. The "non-identifiable data" is considered as non-confidential and may be used by DOXYS for the creation and designing of new products or services (statistics, trends). DOXYS retains the right to use the lyrics, quotes, comments, testimonies, etc… 

20.In addition to the data supplied by you personally, we also collect data concerning your visit to the Site, in order to neaten and straighten the site as much as possible to your personal preferences. The following information is kept when you browse through our site: the website from which you reached the site; all the information concerning the pages you have visited on our site; any information you voluntarily have given (for example through surveys and/or site registrations).

21.This information is collected in log-files, which allows DOXYS to monitor the traffic on the site and the profile of its users and to improve the content of the Site. On another hand, cookies are used to identify you throughout while you are visiting the Site. Your browser can naturally be set in order to prevent the use of cookies or in order to receive a warning before a cookie is installed. In which case, all features available on the Site will no more be accessible. 

22.Every member agrees that the registration to the Site implies, among other, that we will keep you informed and contact you by e-mail. Via our website, you can register to obtain newsletters and you may choose whether you wish to receive our commercial offers.  

23.DOXYS does not send spam. If you receive an e-mail or newsletter from DOXYS, it is only in response to your demand or request. Should you have received unwanted or undesirable e-mails from DOXYS, you can report this fact to info@doxysdiet.com. As a result, we will, as soon as possible, make sure that you no longer receive such mails. If you do not wish to receive commercial emails from us in the future, please let us know at the same address.

24.DOXYS could choose to use information concerning consumers for new purposes which are not yet registered in our "private life" policy. If this is the case, we will contact you before using your data for these new purposes, in order to inform you of any changes made to our regulations concerning the protection of personal data and give you the opportunity to refuse to participate to these new issues. 

25.Should you consider that our Site fails to comply with our "private life" policy as it is described, please contact info@doxysdiet.com.  

26.The registration is strictly personal and may not, whatever the circumstances are, be transferred to third parties.  

27.Every user of the Site is entirely responsible for the security of his name, login and password. In case of abuse by a third party, each member will commit himself to warn DOXYS as soon as possible at info@doxysdiet.com. Members agree to straight away change their password to prevent further abuse.  

28.In accordance with Item 80, § 4, 1 of the Law on Trade Practices, a consumer has no right to cancel a purchase. In accordance to article 16 of the law dated 2 August 2002 DOXYS gives information concerning the right to consumers of cancelling a subscription within a 7-day ‘reflection’ period.

29.However the customer’s right to claim for any partial or total cancelation and/or reimbursement for a Doxys subscription fee is not applicable according to the following legal exception. This exception forbids any rights of reimbursement due to the fact that the service begins prior to the 7-day ‘reflection’ period.  By accepting this disclaimer, the client agrees that he has received informative explanations as can be found in article 14, § 1st of the law dated 2 August 2002 which concerns the cancelling rights of the consumer. 

30.DOXYS can not be held responsible for any typographical, or other, error in its Pricing and Conditions.

31.Should the existing Site, for any reason whatsoever, be stopped permanently, DOXYS can not be held responsible for any damage or disadvantage caused by the shutdown and non-existence of the Site.  

32.Messages of all kind (letters, tips, links, messages, announcements, feedback, communications, discussions in forums, chats, etc…) may be placed by third parties on this Site. DOXYS retains the right to immediately suspend and/or bring to an end, without warning, this kind of service. DOXYS can not be held responsible, whatsoever, for any loss which may result. As these messages are provided by third parties, DOXYS can not, in any way whatsoever, legally be held responsible for any resulting damage or possible mistakes in their content. All text, data, photos, video, messages or other materials placed in the messages fall under the exclusive responsibility of the person who issued them.

33.You agree to use, should you place a message of any kind whatsoever, or any other kind of information, data and/or opinions on this Site, only information (images, photos, …) which are not conflicting with the intellectual property of third parties (copyright, picture rights, …) or with the standards and morality, or with any legal provision. You explicitly cover DOXYS up against any claim or action, taken by third parties, based on the content of what you have placed on this Site. 

34.This disclaimer is divisible. This means that if one or more are declared invalid, this does not affect the validity of the other provisions. If any part of this disclaimer is declared excessively too vast, the provision will, despite this fact, be feasible to the maximum extent authorised by law. If any part of this disclaimer is declared completely invalid, DOXYS will replace it by a provision which is the closest to the economic effect of the provision which was declared invalid.

35.Any dispute of any kind whatsoever, resulting from the consultation and/or use of this Site falls on the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of the judicial district of Nivelles.  

36.Only Belgian law is applicable.  

37.This disclaimer may, without any warning, be reviewed, in particular in order to be adapted regarding legislative developments. You are therefore invited to regularly check and, when appropriate, verify what changes have been made. 

38.Amendments will enter into force as soon as they are available on the Site.