644 Pound Donna Simpson Ate Huge Holiday Meal

Donna Simpson ate huge Holiday meal. She consumed a holiday feast that would have fed dozens of hungry people.

According to the Daily Mail, The single mother of two ate for two straight hours, yes we can imagine that it have to take time, devouring two, 25 pound turkeys, two maple glazed hams, 15 pounds of potatoes, five loaves of bread, five pounds of dressing, four pints of gravy and 20 pounds of vegetables. She then polished it all off with dessert.

This is the Donna Simpson’s Christmas menu.

Amazing, her children apparently ate a normal meal.

Simpson, who weighs 644 pounds, said she eats whatever she wants, but gives herself permission to go all out on Christmas.

Simpson makes a living off of being fat. She is planing to become the fattest woman of the world !

She has a website where people pay to watch her eat obscene amounts of food. 

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A woman believed to be the world’s fattest at 50 stone (700lbs) or 317 kg is facing a battle : she has to diet to lose a lot of weight after being told by doctors she could die.

Terri Smith is confined to her bedroom in her Ohio home unable to move at all, stand or roll over by herself.

Suffering from severe headaches which doctors fear could stem from a brain problem, Terri urgently needs a brain scan - but is too big to fit inside an MRI machine at the Cleveland clinic.


To undergo the scan and receive the life-saving treatment she may require, Terri is now embarking on a weight loss regime of exercise and healthy eating.

She relies on her husband Myron, 44, and oldest daughter Najah, 30, to do everything for her.


The 49-year-old must be washed, fed and dressed on the bed and wears nappies which her daughter and husband change.

By the age of 20 Terri weighed 18 stone (252lbs) but she remained active and held a job as a mental health care worker for 20 years.

But she continued to eat the same diet and kept on growing, while her husband and daughter stayed slim.


As the years passed her weight ballooned until she could hardly stand.

Then, after her doctor changed her diuretic medication, she gained a staggering 6.5 stone (91lb) in 30 days.

She suddenly found herself bedbound and has been trapped for almost three years.

We thought that it might be possible for Terri to have an MRI at the Cleveland Zoo in the machine used for the elephants and rhinos but the zoo does not have a licence for humans.



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